Fed up? Had enough? Are you finally ready to stop letting things happen to you and start making them happen for you?

The world around you is changing at a pace never before experienced. Changes in science, technology, culture and education are forever evolving your world. Things revolutionary yesterday are outdated today. Skills learned five years ago may now be obsolete. You are bombarded with information, yet asked to process it faster and produce more than ever before. The rules are all changing. You cannot simply play the game as you learned it.

What if you could convert stress and problems in your life into opportunities and benefits? What if you could go into any situation with knowledge you can turn it into a victory? Don’t deal with change…MASTER IT!

Frank Lunn , former soldier, business owner, entrepreneur and author of Stack the Logs! Building a success framework to reach your dreams uses his powerful and energetic writing style to tackle the serious side effects of resisting change.

Life is in constant change. This is reality. These changes, like the waves of the ocean, are both unvarying and unpredictable. In life, there are really only two types of waves; challenges and opportunities. Both have the power to either wipe you out, or give you a tremendous ride. The only difference really is in your approach…an approach you have the power to choose!

Take heart; no matter how old or young you are, no matter your level of education or training, you can develop a surfer mindset to transform waves of challenge and difficulties into opportunities to benefit your life. As you learn the mindset, skills and secret language of an entrepreneur, you will know you can survive and thrive no matter what the waves bring.

Carpe Aqualis! will equip you with seven essential surfing skills guaranteed to revolutionize your business and personal life! More than concepts and theories, this book hands you the tools and practical insight to apply immediately in your life. Do not settle for just dealing with change…take control. Carpe Aqualis and Seize Your Wave!

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